Featured song - "Still Here"

A song of humble perseverance.  

Words and Music by Jeremy Good


Selected Audio

Sampling of work by Jeremy Good

In the words of others...

"I've  known Jeremy for more than a decade and brought him to Houston to work  with me at a local church.  He is one of the most gifted musicians in  this town and one of the most loyal and devoted men I know.  His  character and his position as a man, a husband and father is inspiring  to everyone around him.  He carries himself with humility, dignity and  integrity and I'm thankful to call him my friend."

- Wayne Watson, CCM Artist

"Jeremy  is a bona fide pro.  He possesses keen musical intuition and a  technical prowess that makes working with him an absolute musical  pleasure."

- John Calderon, guitarist for Al Jarreau

"Backstage at the symphony, the highest compliment we pay someone is: 'That’s just how it’s supposed to go!'  I say the same of Jeremy whether he’s writing or performing. He plays with lush sound and impeccable musical timing, never anything out of place.  He brings the same sensibility to our writing collaborations, wrapping a lyric in vivid tonal colors that perfectly amplify the emotional heart of a song."
- Alex Wenig, Houston Symphony, Freelance violinist

"One  of the best things I can say about Jeremy is that I am CONSTANTLY  giving out his name to people.  Exceedingly talented, exceedingly  professional, Jeremy is always a blast to work with!"

- David Ray Worship Pastor, Doorpost Songs

"Jeremy  is not just a superb pianist, arranger, and producer, but he is also a  stellar individual.  There's no ego about him, which also happens to  make him a wonderfully sensitive accompanist for a singer.  I can always  be at ease when Jeremy is at the helm."

- ​Sarah Fuselier, Singer

"Jeremy  is a true legit musician who also knows how things should feel.  As  performer and producer, his taste and professionalism are of the highest  order.  He has proven his craft and sensibilities in the most demanding  of environments while creative excellence and expertise characterize  all he touches."
- Kris Becker 

Award-winning composer-pianist

"​Jeremy  Good has taught one of my children for two years and the other for  one.  I am so pleased at how he takes an individual approach and tailors  lessons for each child.  I have been especially impressed with the way  he piques their interests with song choices-- even encouraging  songwriting-- as a way to teach theory.  The fact that he takes my  six-year-old's songs seriously means so much to me.  I have seen a boost  in her overall confidence this year as a result of Jeremy's  encouragement.  My son is learning his way around the piano in a way  that will give him the tools to play whatever he chooses.  My kids look  forward to their piano lessons with Jeremy each week.  We look forward  to lessons next year and for years to come."

- Danielle Young, Caedmon's Call

"Jeremy Good is the REAL DEAL!  A REAL musician… 

a REAL professional and most importantly a REAL lover of God!"

- Larry Harrison, Worship Pastor, 

Crossroads Church

"Jeremy  Good is a great keyboardist, a tremendous asset to any band and a  really cool guy. He doesn't just play keys, he knows what to play for  the song. His original compositions and his arrangements are unique and  very musical."

- Greg Davis, Sound Engineer, bassist

"I have worked with Jeremy Good for many years and have seen him involved  in a full variety of styles, and play to those styles exceptionally well. He has a fine tuned ear for what works, and knows when to play,  and how to play in many different scenarios. As a producer, he is great to work with as he brings a trust to the musicians he is producing, and allows for creativity, but listens for what is appealing in a song, and helps to lead those involved in the direction needed to make a project great. I look forward to working with him anytime I get the chance."
John Stanley, Second Baptist Church (Houston, TX)

"I’ve been blessed to work with Jeremy in both the studio and live performances, and it’s always an extreme pleasure. He has the professionalism and musicality to make every situation run smoothly. I always look forward to receiving a call from him. Having him arrange, produce and perform your project is a wise decision indeed!​"
​- Rankin Peters, Bass

"When I produced my CD with Jeremy I already knew him as a fine musician, an  insightful producer, a hard worker, a resourceful net-worker, and an  inspiring person to be around.  His skills and personality are exactly what I needed.  Being a man of faith, I am committed to the idea that everything I produce is a reflection and a "thank you" to the One who gave me beauty and life.  That is the bottom line reason for why I  entrusted my project to Jeremy.  I knew he'd know what to do and how to do it.  And the bottom line result . . . he got it done."

- Kim Peterson, Woodwinds

My Story

Studying classical music as a kid stinks.


What seven year old would rather practice scales and etudes than be outside playing?

I'll never forget the day that I heard some jazz chords on the radio in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  "What is that?   I want to play that, not the stuff I've been playing…."  And so began  my journey into the world of jazz and a lifetime of pursuing music.

And  what a journey it's been so far.  I liked those jazz chords so much  that I completed jazz piano degrees at U. of South Carolina (1999 BM -  jazz performance) and then another one at U. of South Florida (2003 MM -  jazz performance) while working as a full time musician.  I moved to  Houston, TX in 2004 and have had the pleasure of working for a few  churches while pursuing a ton of other creative musical endeavors  (composition, arranging, production, pedagogy).  Along with that  brought the opportunity to work with some of the best musicians both  locally and nationally.  As much as I ask, they won't let me borrow  their Grammys….  Oh - and I was fortunate enough to meet my wife,  Ana, through this whole music thing.  But that's another story for  another day. 

In 2011, I gladly accepted an opportunity to be the Worship Pastor at our home church (cornerstonecbc.org)  and absolutely love it.  Being at Cornerstone allows me the privilege  of leading a great team in worship each week as well as the freedom to  continue growing and developing as a musician in outside projects.  

It's exciting to see what all may lie ahead on this journey! 

I look forward to the possibilities that an all-loving, all-powerful God may continue to make possible.