Music Pedagogy



- Comprehensive Method Material

- Rhythmic Studies

- Reading Music

- Ear Training

- Chords, Scales, Arpeggios, etc.

- Technique

- Chord/Scale Relationships

- Sight Reading

- Improvisation

- Performance, overall Musicianship

Additionally,  students may wish to pursue advanced topics in composition, arranging,  MIDI/computer music and music software programs (ProTools,  Sibelius/Finale)

Piano Students Recital

What Others Say

Parents say:

"Jeremy's  humor and ability to relate piano theory to my son's interests helps  his understanding and enjoyment of piano.  My son likes piano, but he loves Jeremy."

​   - Catherine King (parent)

Students say:

​"Mr. Jeremy is an amazing piano teacher. He explains things well and he is very patient."-- Age 9

Parents say:

​Jeremy  Good was by far the best piano teacher we have ever had.  Not only did  he inspire our children with his personal abilities, but his positive comments and upbeat personality made our children feel very comfortable and motivated.  His depth of talent made it possible for him to tailor his teaching to our individual children's interests, whether it was classical, jazz, hymns, or pop he could incorporate it into what they  were learning.  As a parent, I especially appreciated his willingness to partner with me in helping achieve the goals I had for their musical progress.

  - Jen Shurtz (parent)

Parents say:

My  son (7) has been taking lessons from Jeremy for over a year.  My son loves to play for Jeremy and looks forward to piano lessons every week.  Jeremy is kind, patient and an excellent teacher.  My son says it best,  "He is a great teacher." 

     - Jay Kay Cunningham (parent


Why Study Music?